Briefcase: City Hall

Adds 2 new modules.
Office: For each game players randomly choose 4 of those offices to use in the game. At the start of each turn, each player may activate one office and take advantage of its one-time ability. Offices offer alternative ways to use the action cards and the obstacle cards.
Inspector: All Inspector cards are shuffled in the Buy deck. If, while producing a new B card, a player reveals an Inspector card, he/she must also place the Inspector card in to his/her discard pile. When a player draws an Inspector card, he/she may play a Buy card to pass the Inspector card to the player on their left. When the game ends, players lose one victory point for each Inspector card remaining in their deck.

Components List

  • 8 Offices
  • 3 Tax Inspectors
  • 2 rules cards

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