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Fields of Green: Cabbages Promo – How to get it?

Cabbages Promo
Write a review about Fields of Green and receive a set of Cabbages promo cards for free!.

We will be sending, free of charge, a set of Cabbages (3 cards) to anyone who uploads a written or video review of Fields of Green! Clarifications:
  • If it is a written review, it will have to be a minimum of 400 words. Ideally, it could also include one or more images (it could be the cover, a gameplay session, a shot of the components - anything you want).
  • If it is a video, it will have to be at least 3 minutes long.
  • It should give useful information about the game to those reading/watching it.
  • It should be posted/uploaded anywhere online where everyone can access it.
  • You will be getting the Cabbages promo cards regardless if the review is positive or negative so please share your honest opinion. As soon as you've posted/uploaded your review online, contact us and give us the review's link as well as your shipping address and we will send you the 3-card set for free. We look forward to reading/watching your reviews!