Drum Roll: Promos collection

The Drum Roll promos collection includes all Stretch Rewards unlocked in the Drum Roll Kickstarter campaign as also the free promos of years 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Available for general purchase exclusively from Artipia Games on-line store

Components List

  • 5x Bargain Investment cards
  • 5x Provisions Investment cards
  • 1x Tent Crew Personnel card
  • 1x Carnival Barker Personnel card
  • 1x Rehearsal Assistant Personnel card
  • 1x Janitor Personnel card
  • 1x Animal Feeders Personnel card
  • 1x Boxing Clowns Personnel card
  • 1x Costume Designer Personnel card
  • 1x Talent Seeker Personnel card
  • 1x Balloon Seller Personnel card
  • 1x Silk Dancers Performer card
  • 1x Seal Tamer Performer card
  • 1x Ring Jugglers Performer card
  • 1x Space Bender Performer card
  • 1x Giant Performer card
  • 1x Hoop Jumpers Performer card
  • 1x Alligator Diver Performer card
  • 1x Rope Juggler Performer card
  • 1x Ring Magician Performer card
  • 1x Bar Bender Performer card

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