• 2-4 Players

  • 90 Minutes

  • Ages 12 and up


Drum Roll

In Drum Roll each player takes over the role of a circus owner in the early 1900s. Each player moves around Europe hiring performers and giving shows. There are five main categories of performers: the Tamers, the Acrobats, the Bizarre, the Magicians, and the Jugglers. Each of them have different demands the player must fulfill in order to give their best performance.

About the Game

The requirements, which vary between performers, are Rehearsal, Equipment, Supplies, Costumes, and Promotion. There are three levels of performances that each performer can end up doing in a show: a poor one, a good one, and an outstanding one. The higher the level of performance, the more requirements each performer will have to fulfill in order to achieve it. The better the performance, the more each player can get out of it. When performers do outstanding performances, the player must choose between getting the maximum amount of benefit out of them, or getting the Prestige Points they are offering. There are also other ways to improve a circus such as trailers, investments, and personnel that will help your performers do their best.

Expanded by

Mini expansion

Mini expansion

Promos collection

Promos collection



Salary Trackers

Salary Trackers

Promo Items

Components List


  • 45x Performers
  • 1x Performer Cover Card
  • 30x Investments
  • 4x Player Aid Cards
  • 15x Personnel


  • 44x Discount Tokens
  • 18x Trailer Tiles
  • 5x Region Tiles
  • 1x Starting Player Tile
  • Round & Show Tokens
  • 40x 1-coin tokens
  • 18x 5-coin tokens


  • 1x Main Board
  • 4x Player Boards


  • 125x Resources
  • 8x Score & Ticket Cubes
  • 12x Action Markers


  • 1x Rulebook in English
  • 1x Rulebook in French
  • 1x Rulebook in German


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  • Game Design: Dimitrios Drakopoulos
  • Game Design: Konstantinos Kokkinis
  • Artwork: Antonis Papantoniou